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Crash Leaves 2 Hurt, Worker Trapped In Bucket Truck

A traffic accident on the night of December 14 involving a car and a state Department of Transportation work truck resulted in one injury. Firefighters from Miami-Dade County and the Fire Rescue squad from Miramar were also needed to rescue a worker who had been trapped inside a bucket that was elevated more than 20 feet above the ground.

The accident took place at approximately 10 p.m. Rescue workers were called to an area located near an overpass close to Florida Turnpike and Red Road. The driver of the car had struck the work truck, and in the aftermath of the crash, was unable to escape the vehicle, which had caught fire. Aggravating the problem, the impact of the crash had slightly wedged the vehicle underneath the truck.

Upon arrival by fire crews, the driver of the car was safely removed from the vehicle and then taken to a local trauma hospital for treatment. Due to the fact that the worker was trapped in his work bucket, those crews were forced to use a ladder to rescue him. The worker was first thought to also be suffering from the effects of the accident, though a subsequent check determined that he was unharmed.

While that worker was safe, Coral Springs workers’ comp attorney Evan Ostfeld knows that many other individuals in any number of professions aren’t so lucky. Being injured on the job is a danger that they face on a regular basis, with some companies not willing to fulfill their legal obligations in this area.

Such injuries can lead to great pain that could require months or even years of treatment. In some cases, the pain suffered can be a debilitating lifelong concern, damaging an individual’s quality of life. All of this treatment sometimes won’t be paid for unless that person has a Coral Springs Workers’ Comp attorney by his side.

Denial of these rights is usually caused by companies who either refuse to pay for such treatment or the lost wages that result from such injuries. In some cases, the choice of a particular physician can lead to conflict.

Evan Ostfeld has more than two decades of experience in the area of workers’ compensation, having helped many clients get the money they’re entitled to receive. So when you need a Coral Springs Workers’ Comp Attorney, make sure to contact the law offices of Evan Ostfeld.

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