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Coral Springs Hernia Mesh Lawyer

Coral Springs Hernia Mesh Lawyer

Hiring a Coral Springs Hernia Mesh Lawyer

What are hernia mesh products? They are synthetic materials (or in essence a type of plastic) that comes in woven or non-woven sheets. Doctors use them in surgery to add strength to weak tissue in order to help patients recover from a hernia. Regretfully, some of these products are harmful causing a multitude of medical issues. As such, many different brands have been pulled from the market.

Have you suffered medical complications after having hernia surgery involving a mesh product?

Some common issues include: abscess, adhesions, bowel obstruction, chronic inflammation, fistulas, infections, kidney and liver failure, on-going neurological changes, organ perforation, painful sex and stomach pain which may be caused by the bunching, erosion, migration, rejection and or shrinking of the mesh product.

Was a revision or second surgery required to correct the problem or is one currently pending?

If yes, there may be a valid personal injury claim and you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Presently there is litigation against specific these products/manufacturers including but not necessarily limited to: Ethicon Physiomesh, Atrium C-Qur Mesh, Ethicon Proceed, Bard Supramesh, Bard PerFix Plug Bard Kugel, Bard 3D Max, Bard Ventralight ST, Bard Ventrio ST, Bard Ventralex ST, Covidien Perietex Composite, Covidien Surgipro, Covidien Parietex Plug & Patch and Lifecell Strattice.

Help from a Coral Springs Hernia Mesh Lawyer

That being said there are strict time deadlines in order to file a hernia mesh lawsuit. Don’t delay and learn about your rights today. Our legal team can be reached at (866) I-SUE-YOU (478-3968), (866) BAD RXRX, (223-7979), (954) 227-7529, (954) 998-0075 Text and evan@attorney4life.com. We’ll gladly provide a no cost case evaluation. In fact, there are no attorney’s fees or costs unless there is a settlement or court award; our hernia mesh litigation law firm we will even pay to obtain the hospital/medical records. We proudly service residents from all of Florida’s 67 Counties. Should your case involve the laws outside of the Sunshine State, don’t worry, be happy! Evan M. Ostfeld, Esquire co-counsels with attorneys throughout the United States to help assist with the hernia mesh lawsuit.

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