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City Of Margate To Payout $37,422 For Workers’ Compensation Claim

The city of Margate has reached a resolution with a retired employee, Martin Orlando, who worked for the city for 33 years.

Orlando retired as a utility mechanic eight years ago and suffered an undisclosed injury in 2006. The city has approved a workers’ compensation settlement for him at $37,422.

The settlement was awarded to satisfy the city’s liability and reduce the potential for future liability. The city manager told the Sun Sentinel that if not approved, the city would possibly be held responsible for salary, benefits and administration costs exceeding the settlement amount.Margate Workers Compensation Attorney

A local resident who addressed the commission chambers questioned the role of the city attorney on the workers’ compensation settlement. The resident believed that because the attorney was outside counsel, rather than a representative of the city of Margate, he does not take into the consideration the needs of the city.

Commissioner Frank Talerico defended the use of Eugene Steinfeld for the workers’ compensation claim. The commissioner believes that this could have cost the city much more.

Workers’ compensation is available for employees who are injured on the job. Some work-related injuries may include sprains and strains, broken bones or even and illness. Unfortunately, some employees may have their workers’ compensation claim denied while others will receive too little compensation.

Some common questions that employees will ask themselves after being injured or filing for compensation include:

  • What benefits am I entitled to?
  • Can I pick my own doctor?
  • What can I do if I think my employer is not providing enough compensation?

An experienced Margate workers’ compensation attorney understands how workplace accidents can greatly affect a victim. Not do the victims suffer physically, but also financially as they are unable to work. For those who are the sole breadwinners in their home, the inability to work can cause financial strain in the family.

If you were hurt on the job or suffered an occupation disease, a Margate workers’ compensation attorney at the law offices of Evan Ostfeld can help you. With more than 20 years of experience, our attorneys know how workers’ compensation in Florida works and can determine your legal options.

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