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A Look at the Essure Mass Tort Lawsuit

Essure Mass Tort

When Greed Outweighs Public Health and Safety!

Over the years, you’ve likely heard about massive federal cases that have been filed against corporations on behalf of the many individuals harmed by their products. It was Agent Orange in the 1970s, asbestos in the 1980s, and Roundup weed killer just a few years ago. These cases are massive undertakings that can last years due to the sheer number of plaintiffs they include, which is one reason they captivate the public.

Take, for example, a recent mass tort case involving Essure. Essure was an implanted device designed for women. It was a form of permanent birth control and marketed as an alternative to tubal ligation. It was available from 2002 until 2018. In 2018, Essure’s manufacturer and distributor, Bayer, stopped selling the product in the U.S. market (it had already been taken off the market everywhere else in the world in 2017). In September 2019, Bayer began recalling all devices that had not yet been women who underwent the Essure implant procedure began to report a number of medical issues. Some of them required surgical intervention including:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Unintended/ectopic pregnancy
  • Migration and/or breakage of the device’s micro-inserts
  • Nickel poisoning, which causes hair loss
  • Rashes
  • Metal taste in mouth
  • Joint/muscle pain
  • Tooth decay
  • Perforation of the uterus, fallopian tube(s), and/or other pelvic/ abdominal organs
  • Abnormal/heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Severe abdominal/pelvic pain
  • Severe menstrual pain
  • Autoimmune disorders

Naturally, these findings were alarming. In response, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) issued a “black box warning” — a warning that must be printed on a drug or device’s packaging indicating serious side effects. It wasn’t until a year later that Essure was finally restricted in the United States.

Right now, there are over 16,000 lawsuits filed in relation to Essure. Many of these lawsuits allege Bayer knew the serious risks associated with the device, but kept the product on the market anyway — even actively promoting it to women as safe and effective.

Essure Mass Tort Lawsuit

If you or a loved one have used Essure and developed complications, call our legal team today at (866) BAD RXRX (866-223-7979) to schedule an initial consultation. We will investigate your possible Essure claim at no charge and are here to help!

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